GDR Power Busbar 100-2500 A

The GDR busbar is used in many industrial lighting applications. It is very quick and easy to install, and unlike traditional wiring methods it gives the customer excellent flexibility as a business changes and grows. Busbar systems are easily adaptable to changes in environment and are very reliable.

Our GDR Power Busbar trunking system is available from 100A-2500A and has tap off points on either side. Unlike our GDA range, GDR has copper conductors but uses the same pure aluminium body. It is for customers who prefer the option of copper conductors despite the increased weight compared to aluminium systems such as GDA.

Flexibility is provided by the simple tap off units. These devices are simply connected with a plug, or tap off unit, and this can be disconnected and moved to new locations as required. This makes it a very attractive option in machine shops and production areas where business needs can change frequently. Not only is it flexible, but the GDR power busbar is also far quicker to install in comparison so it can deliver savings against the cost of a traditional installation involving common methods like cable.

The GDR is also used extensively in rising main electrical installations, and these are now commonplace in apartment blocks, office blocks and other high rise buildings. The rising main is usually installed up a riser duct or through floors. Each floor will have a tap off unit which can serve distribution boards on that floor, GDR tap off units range from 32A-1250A, and use the same common tap off unit as other ranges such as GDA, so this simplifies ordering for our customers .

Graziadio UK provide a full design service and fast delivery on any bespoke rising main project. Buying and installing electrical systems from Graziadio UK means working with a renowned brand. Graziadio have been making busbars in Italy since 1959. From here, Graziadio grew into a global brand with installations across the world. Our products are valued by businesses which appreciate the combination of quality and value for money.



Rating 100-2500 A
Conductors Copper (GDR)
Housing 100% aluminium
Configurations 4P+PE; 5P+PE
Comply with CEI EN 60439 1-2; IEC 439 1-2; CEI EN 60529; IEC 529



Corrosion resistant; one bolt joint; high thermal dissipation; low weight

Data Sheet

Product GDR
Code GDR102000
Description 250 A STRAIGHT ELEMENT 4M CU
Busbar rated current 250 A
IP degree of protection 50-55
Material Aluminium housing – copper conductor
Colour Aluminium
Weight 25,2
Unit Measure NR
Standards IEC 61439-6
RoHS EUR conformity 100%
ISO9001:2008 conformity 100%

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