Graziadio J-Series Busbar system

The Graziadio J-Series Busbar system is available in 63A, 100A and 160A with aluminium conductors. The system has 5P including a dedicated PE conductor.

This product is ideal for use in any field where there is a requirement to supply low power energy via plug in points. The tap off boxes are available in 32A and 63A and these can easily be added, removed or moved to allow more flexibility and lower installation costs.

The whole system is easier and quicker to install than a traditional cable system.



Rating 63-100-160 A
Conductors Aluminium
Housing 100% aluminium
Configurations 5P (inc dedicated PE)
Comply with CEI EN 61439 1-6; CEI EN 60529; IEC 529
Length of the elements 3 m and 1 m
Distance between plug-in points 1 m / 0.5 m



  • 5P system with dedicated PE
  • 3M standard lengths
  • Plug in points every 1m
  • Tap offs available 32A / 63A either fusible or pre-fitted for MCB (4 module)
  • Protection degree up to IP55
  • Live parts not accessible
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy and quick to mount
  • High heat dissipation
  • Light weight and compact dimensions
  • Double omega profile with reinforcing ribs
  • Fast fit connector


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