Graziadio UK are the UK branch of the world renowned Graziadio - known worldwide for providing UK access to electric busbar trunking systems. This solution is used for the distribution and transport of electric current. These range from 25 to 6300 AA and are based in 68 countries around the world. What is a busbar? It's defined as a sort of electrical junction where a conductor collects energy from feeders and redistributes them. In short, it's a easy to install, quick solution to lighting or power needs as an alternative to cable.

We have a range of different busbars available for various different purposes. Lighting busbars are our most popular and have successfully lit up industrial settings such as factories amongst many other environments due to being so effective. Power busbars are used for many different scenarios where power is required. These are of varying strengths to suit your exact requirements. No matter what you choose, you get an adaptable product that can easily be altered or changed after installation. This is an incredible benefit when it comes to moving or changing things around.

Contact us now to join the busbar revolution and we'll get back to you with a solution to your electrical or power needs.