Graziadio Lighting Busbar

The Graziadio GLS Lighting Busbar is ideal for use in warehouses, retail outlets, industrial buildings and similar locations. The electrical lighting distribution system is typically used when a fast, flexible, and economical installation is required. All the components of the GLS lighting busbar trunking system are simply plug together and the light fittings are then connected with a plug, or tap off unit, so these can be quickly removed and moved if this is required at any point. This makes it a far more flexible and low-cost option in comparison to trunking and cable lighting methods. Popular opinion dictates that lighting busbar is difficult to install and require specialist expertise. This isn’t at all accurate. It’s quick to install, efficient and amazing value for money.

Despite the name, the lighting busbar can also be used to power small appliances. GLS 63A is particularly designed for this purpose as it has the facility to accept plugs or tap off units rated up to 32A.

The GLS lighting busbar is also available in 25A, 40A and 63A , and each is available with 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles.

Buying and installing busbars from Graziadio UK means working with a renowned brand. Graziadio have been making them in Italy since 1959. From here, Graziadio grew into a global brand with installations across the world. Our products are valued by businesses which appreciate the combination of quality and value for money.  TEST



Rating 25-40-63 A
Conductors Copper
Housing 100% aluminium
Configurations 2P+PE; 4P+PE; 2P+2P+PE; 6P+PE; 8P+PE
Comply with CEI EN 61439 1-6; CEI EN 60529; IEC 529
Length of the elements 3 m and 1 m
Distance between plug-in points 1 m / 0,5 m
Possibility of transport DALI signal



Corrosion resistant; easy and fast mounting; minimal dimensions; low weight; plug-in points only in front; reusable and recyclable.

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