Power busbar 630-6300 A



Rating 630-6300 A
Protection degree  IP40; IP42; IP66; IP68
Configurations 3P+PE; 4P+PE; 5P+PE; N=50%-100%-200%


Isolsbarra is a high power, prefabricated busbar system with insulated conductors for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideally suited for the link between transformers to switchboards, or switchboards to switchboards and has a protection degree ranging from IP42 - IP68

Like K series and GDA power busbar, Isolbarra can be supplied with either copper or aluminium conductors with aluminium being the most popular option due to its light weight and lower cost. The conductors are individually insulated and protected by a strong PVC sheath, but this sheathing can be changed to fibreglass on request.

With a stainless steel or aluminium structure, Isolsbarra can can even be used in severe environments, as the materials used ensure the integrity and lifespan of the product - even in extreme conditions.

In order to increase the protection degree to IP68 we can supply an additional kit which would need to be installed at every joint meaning that it will continue to function up to 5m underwater.

Isolsbarra is supplied in standard 4m lengths in order to minimise the number of joints and therefore the installation time. We can supply bespoke lengths from 0.3 - 3.99m upon request to meet your design needs.

We can supply horizontal and vertical joints that can be either flat or at an angle depending on your requirements. Double angle, triple angle and cross can also be manufactured in conjunction with the systems requirements. T joints are also available together with fire barriers.

Terminal headers are available in various forms and can be manufactured to suit your switchboard. Tap off boxes are available from 125A-1250A and can be supplied with a fused switch, MCCB or empty.

We offer a free design service for all projects and our production facility can usually accommodate most requests for bespoke items.

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Assembly Instructions

See below for the various stages of assembling our Isolsbarra Power Busbar Systems.

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