J Series Low Power Busbar 63-160 A

The J-Series busbar is used in many commercial and industrial power applications. As with all of our products, it is very quick and easy to install, and unlike traditional wiring methods it gives the customer excellent flexibility as a business changes and grows. Busbar systems are easily adaptable to changes in environment and are very reliable.

Our J-Series Power Busbar trunking system is available from 63A-160A and has tap off points every 1m or 500mm on request. It is a 5P system as standard with a dedicated PE conductor.

Flexibility is provided by the simple tap off units. These devices are simply connected with a plug, or tap off unit, and this can be disconnected and moved to new locations as required. This makes it a very attractive option in machine shops and production areas where business needs can change frequently. Not only is it flexible, but the J-Series power busbar is also far quicker to install in comparison to traditional methods so it can deliver savings against a cable/trunking installation.



Rating 63-160 A
Conductors Aluminium/Copper
Housing 100% aluminium
Configurations 5P (inc dedicated PE)
Comply with CEI EN 60439 1-2; IEC 439 1-2; CEI EN 60529; IEC 529



Double omega profile; lightweight and compact design; Fast jointing system

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