Power busbar 800-5000 A

The K Series busbar is ideal for high power distribution in industrial and commercial buildings.

It has 4 aluminium conductors that are isolated using a fire resistant double polyester film which complies with IEC 60695-2-10. These polyester sheets ensure that the conductors are isolated at 1.000v. The conductors are sandwiched together inside the aluminium housing.

This is rated at IP40 and with the addition of certain parts can be increased to IP55. For anything above this rating, please see our Isolsbarra range.

The system is compact and is versatile for installation, it can be fitted edgewise, horizontally or vertically.

The matt black housing is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also increases the dissipation of heat along the busbar. This aluminium housing also provides the necessary protective earth (PE).

The joint between sections is made using a simple monoblock joint. The joint is tightened in place using 2 torque bolts with snap off heads, so once the nut head snaps off the correct torque has been reached. These bolts have a second head in case the busbar needs to be dismantled at a later date. This joint guarantees the necessary contact between live conductors. A joint block is required for every straight element or elbow, two for every ‘T’ element and an additional joint block should be ordered if the run has a feed unit at each end.

In order to join two elements of the K-Series, it's very straightforward

  • Allign 2 elements (Straight or elbow)
  • Insert monoblock joint
  • Screw the joint until the bolt head is broken
  • Install the two joint covers and fix with screws

The K-Series is available with ratings between 800A-5000A and comes in 1m, 2m and 4m lengths, custom lengths are available from 0.44 to 3.50 metres. Change of direction sections are also available in fixed and custom lengths.

K-Series can also be used for rising mains systems. The vertical fixing supports ensure height and depth adjustment, load sharing and absorption of expansions, vibrations etc. These can either be fixed to the floor, wall or to a bracket.
Fire barriers are pre-fitted directly on the busbar in the position required by the customer, it is possible to mount up to 2 fire barriers on each 4m piece.

K-Series can be supplied with or without tap off points, for 32 to 400A tap off units, the GDA plug in range with either fuse bases or pre-fitted for circuit breaker can be used and is fully compatible with the K-Series.



Rating 800-5000 A
Conductors Aluminum
Housing aluminum anodized matt black
Degree of protection IP40; IP55
Configuration 3P + N (100%) + PE (> 100%)
Complies with IEC 60439 1-2, IEC 439 1-2, EN 60529, IEC 529



Compact, sandwich type, high reliability monobloc junction, standard Elements of 4 m, high heat dissipation, light weight, class F insulation halogen free, PE cross section always higher than the Phase

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