Assembly Instructions



  1. If the busbar layout has been designed to connect between two fixed points(e.g. transformer and panel) , check the the position of the equipment is correct in relation to the proposed design, and there are no obstructions at any point of the busbar run.
  2. Fix the support brackets to the building or your support structure. The optimum distance between two suspension clamps is 1.5 – 2 meters; b) the suspension clamps and the relative support brackets must be at a minimal distance of 250 mm from the junction of two elements.


Tightening torque Max 15 Nm


  1. Select the first K-SERIES element (I.E. starting from one of the fixed points or your end feed position). Position the element and fix it on the suspension clamps, aligning it with the termination flange unit or end feed unit position


Flanged not load-bearing portant

4.Position the second K-SERIES element. Check that the two terminals are aligned to each other and assemble the joint as shown below. Important: between an element and the other one you must  leave a space of 4 cm (to assist the installer we provide a template with each K Series installation that can be fixed to the busbar elements and this will set the correct space.



  1. Go on matching each bar with the supplied monoblock (A) and tighten the joint until the bolts head is broken - this will happen when the correct torque is achieved. 1000-1600A has one bolt,  2000-3200A has two bolts, and 4000-5000A has 4 bolts


  1. Install the two cover joints (B) and fix them with the 8 screws.
  2. Repeat these steps for every K-SERIES element.

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