Graziadio Power Busbar

Our GDA Power Busbar trunking system is available from 63A-2500A, with tap off points on either side, and with either aluminium or copper conductors.

The Graziadio GDA power busbar is used extensively in factories, industrial buildings and similar manufacturing or distribution outlets. The trunking system is typically used in situations when a cost effective option to provide multiple power outlet points is required, or the business requires flexibility to move machinery without further install costs. It is very quick and easy to install, as all of the components in the GDA system simply plug together, and the machinery or appliances are then connected to the busbar power system with a plug, or tap off unit. This can be disconnected and moved to new locations as required, which makes it a very attractive option. It is much quicker to install in comparison to trunking and cable methods so it really is quicker-easier-cheaper.

The GDA power electrical system can also be installed vertically to distribute power to multi-floor buildings, and these installations are typically known as ‘rising mains’. The rising main is generally used in apartment blocks, office blocks and other high rise buildings where the rising mains can be installed along a riser duct or through floors. Each floor will have a tap off unit which can serve distribution boards on that floor. GDA tap off units range from 32A-1250A . We can provide a full design service and fast delivery on any bespoke rising main project.



Rating 63-2500 A
Conductors Aluminium (GDA);
Housing 100% aluminium
Configurations 4P+PE; 5P+PE (always neutral 100%)
Comply with CEI EN 60439 1-2; IEC 439 1-2; CEI EN 60529; IEC 529
Item Length 4 m and any customized length
Distance between points derivation 1 m / 0.5 m
Junction boxes from 32 to 1250 A (lightweight, robust and design)
Protection class till IP55
Live parts not accessible



Corrosion resistant; one bolt joint; fast and easy assembly; high thermal dissipation; low weight; reusable and recyclable


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