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Install mounting brackets at 2m intervals, Clip it into the brackets - the lengths plug together, Connect the supply cable to the end of the busbar (via end feed unit). All you have to do next is plug in the light fittings using the tap off plugs.


Busbar is far quicker to install than traditional cable and trunking. We also offer fast dispatch - GLS lighting version is in stock for immediate dispatch from our 8500sq ft UK distribution facility. The power busbar comes direct from our factory in weeks not months. Contact us now to get started.


Quick installation means lower costs for you. Modifications are straightforward without need for re-wiring if you need to move things around - time is money.

Who Are Graziadio?

Graziadio Factory ItalyGraziadio busbar installation countries map

Graziadio have been making busbar electrical power systems in Italy since 1959 and have continued to grow ever since. In 2005 the addition of an automated factory dedicated to the GLS lighting variant busbar took production facilities to 84,000 sqft.  Today Graziadio systems are in use in over 68 different countries across the world as one of the premiere industrial energy distribution solutions in the world.


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