400A Rising Busbar – Coventry, UK

In April 2019 we were selected as the supplier for a rising busbar system to be installed at a student accomodation block in Coventry.

With the initial design for the system provided within 7 days of receipt of drawings, all parties were given ample time to ensure all was correct before placing orders. By the time the order was placed the requirements had changed slightly but an amended design was created within 24 hours ensuring no delays in production.

Space was at a premium for this installation

From point of order to delivery at our distributor in Coventry, the lead time was just 4 weeks.

Feedback from the installer on the project was that the system was easy to install, ideal for this project being tight on space and gave them massive time savings on testing as well.

Design process is vital for ensuring fire barriers sit correctly within the floor slab, the design for this system was turned around in just 7 days, with amendments completed within 24 hours of notification.