1600A GDA – Lyons Park, Coventry

A large bakery was looking at solutions to provide a more efficient way of distributing power around their new factory. Comparing the installation between cable and trunking vs busbar showed there were large savings to be had on completing the installation with busbar trunking rather than traditional methods. A lighting busbar system was also discussed to provide additional cost savings.

Products supplied included 2 x 1600A GDA Busbar systems totalling 220m feeding local distribution boards and various machinery, 36m 630A busbar was supplied which was powered from one of the 1600A busbars and tap offs ranged from 32A – 630A across the project. We also supplied 200m of our GLS 25A Lighting busbar to supply the lighting around the factory.

As is often the case, as well as price and quality, lead time is a huge consideration on projecst of this type. An order was placed at the end of July so with the August shutdown in Italy, the most likely scenario was a delivery towards the end of Ocrober taking in to account the components would arrive at our factory early September after reopening. Having discussed this with the end client it was apparent this was going to cause problems, but as alwats we are here to work with all parties to try and find a common solution. As a result, we were able to source the raw materials for the end of August with the factory prioritising this prestigious project and shipping the goods on 2nd September in order to help our client meet their deadlines. All lighting busbar was supplied from UK stock.

University of Strasbourg Data Center

Customer’s Needs
The project of the Datacenter of the University of Strasbourg – Institut de science et d’ingénierie supramoléculaires (ISIS) has one simple objective – to organize the hosting of physical servers while ensuring minimal downtime and the environmental impact. Eco-responsibility was a key conern, with the ambition to make the Datacenter one of the most energy efficient in France, aiming for a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.25. To achieve these goals, above-standard rack cabinets, rack compatibility, efficient cooling systems, and suitable thermal corridors were required, spread across 5 computer rooms and 494 m².

Products and Services Provided by Graziadio
Graziadio supplied compact 2500-3200 and 4000 A K Series lines with aluminium conductors and 250 to 2000 A GDA lines with aluminium conductors to power the cabins and server racks of the Institute’s new data center.

Global Offering
Graziadio’s goal was to exceed expectations in terms of the demanding specification (including reinforced mechanical strength of the busbar), delivery times and flexibility in production schedules and logistics management to enable a rapid start-up of the plant.

Advantages of Busbars in a Data Center
Busways in a data center offer a number of benefits, including greater flexibility in power supply, allowing for easy redistribution of power circuits as power needs change. This system reduces the need for permanent electrical wiring, making it easier to upgrade and maintain. In addition, busbars improve energy efficiency, reducing energy losses and optimizing current flow. Their installation is faster and less invasive than traditional wiring systems, while also offering greater safety by reducing the risk of overload and short circuit. In summary, busbars help create a more scalable, efficient, and secure data center environment.

2000A GDA Power Busbar Yorkshire

We were proud to supply a 2000A busbar system for a
Yorkshire based producer of rPET bottles and containers
in their battle to reduce the use of single use plastics. 

From the initial understanding of requirements, a system was designed, approved, produced and delivered in just 6 weeks. 

Tap off outlets at the front of the busbar mean that a standard elbow would result in the outlets being facing up or down. 

This was not feasible considering the size and type of tap off boxes being installed. 

So double elbows were designed and produced ensuring tap off points positioned in the most accessible place. All in the same lead as the standard items on the rest of the project. 
With 3 sepereate lines required, each with varying off-sets, a pre-production schematic was created to ensure everythingwas  positioned correctly in line with customer expectations and requirements.

400A Rising Busbar – Coventry, UK

In April 2019 we were selected as the supplier for a rising busbar system to be installed at a student accomodation block in Coventry.

With the initial design for the system provided within 7 days of receipt of drawings, all parties were given ample time to ensure all was correct before placing orders. By the time the order was placed the requirements had changed slightly but an amended design was created within 24 hours ensuring no delays in production.

Space was at a premium for this installation

From point of order to delivery at our distributor in Coventry, the lead time was just 4 weeks.

Feedback from the installer on the project was that the system was easy to install, ideal for this project being tight on space and gave them massive time savings on testing as well.

Design process is vital for ensuring fire barriers sit correctly within the floor slab, the design for this system was turned around in just 7 days, with amendments completed within 24 hours of notification.
Busbar in factory

Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Power Busbar Installed In Coventry

When a precision engineering company relocated to a brand new purpose built unit, a requirement was quickly identified for an easier, quicker and more cost effective way of supplying the power to the lighting and machinery. After various design discussions with the appointed Electrical Contractor, AJA Contracts, Graziadio UK were able to assist by supplying both GLS Lighting Busbar and GDA Power Busbar. 

File_001.jpg (4)

Firstly, Graziadio 40A 6 pole GLS Lighting Busbar was supplied to allow the fast and economical installation of LED lighting and a flexible system for any future alterations. The 6 pole solution gave the option to incorporate the main lighting, emergency lighting, and Dali controls within a single busbar system and was therefore a very cost effective solution overall.

This part of the project was supplied in it’s entirety from UK stock and arrived on site the day after the initial order was placed.

Busbar and Hanger

A final layout using Graziadio 400A GDA power busbar was approved.  Due to the layout a number of bespoke lengths were required together with tee units and bends. Once the design was agreed and the order placed, Graziadio were able to manufacture the goods and have them ready for shipping just 14 working days from the date of order.

Not only that, enforced changes on site meant some last minute amendments needed to be made to the power busbar order. The day before it was due to leave our factory in Italy we were advised that an additional custom made length and flat bend would be required, and the end feed unit also needed to be changed for a different type.

The flexibility of the Graziadio factory in Italy was put to the test, and they were able to manufacture the custom length that afternoon, and add all the extra items to the original order which meant that it still left the factory on time the following day.

400 GDA Installed


Once on site, each part of the project only took a few days to install, and the project was completed on schedule.

GDA Rising Main busbarpt1

GDA Rising main, Birmingham, UK| Graziadio Worldwide Busbar

We were contacted by an installer in November 2015 regarding a new rising mains project that was starting late December 2015 – early January 2016.

The rising mains busbar system would need to include a fire barrier for each floor and due to the tight space in the rising main duct the busbar would need to be supplied in smaller custom lengths.

A completely bespoke project is a challenge any time of year – let alone a few weeks before Christmas where factories are approaching a two week shutdown. However, never ones to shy away from a challenge – we sent the site drawings to our design office in Italy who promptly returned a detailed design. Both end user and installer were happy with the design and proposal made and subsequently placed an order.

The goods arrived on site on time with each bespoke length labelled making it easy for the installer to determine how it fits together whilst also ensuring that fire barriers are positioned correctly. Both the installer and end user were very happy as this entirely bespoke project was quoted, designed and delivered within 6 weeks, this was due to the flexibility shown by our Italian factory ensuring that this project was prioritised.

250A GDA Power and 25A GLS Lighting Busbar

A section where a dog leg was needed around the roller shutter doors, 2 options were presented to the installer with either a solid busbar run around the opening, or alternatively 2 x end feeds with SWA cable running between them allowing greater flexibility than the made to measure option

We also supplied the lighting busbar for this installation with some short runs required, but this would cut out approximately 50% of the installation time on this part of the project.