Why use Busbar for lighting and power?

Recent market research has clearly identified that many commercial electrical contractors are still using traditional methods of containment and cable because they believe busbar is not a cost effective option – but they will use busbar as an alternative if the benefits are explained – because it saves them significant amounts of time and money.  

Our philosophy

Graziadio have used “Easier, Quicker, Cheaper” within their worldwide marketing for some time, and it perfectly sums up the message that we clearly need to get out to the installers that have not yet considered using busbar.

Fact: Installing our lighting busbar is typically 50% quicker than traditional lighting trunking, conduits and cables.  Quicker installation means cheaper labour costs and more jobs won.
Fact: A lighting or power busbar materials list usually consists of just five items. The quantities may vary but the complexity of the materials list doesn’t. This makes it easier to order and estimate.
Fact: 95% of installers who contact us for advice on using busbar to reduce costs on their lighting or power distribution project have never used or been offered busbar before

What’s so good about busbar?

Power supplies are vital to businesses, so when looking to install a new lighting or power system it is not only paramount to adhere to technical standards and regulations but it’s also essential to look at the power/lighting system overall to ensure the best result possible on all fronts. This can depend on the building itself, external limitations applied by authorities and the requirements of the power distribution system. Common needs for businesses seeking power distribution are aspects like:

  • Flexibility if areas of the building change
  • Long lifespan
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Cost

Better than cable

In each of these requirements, busbar is a more attractive option than traditional wiring methods. These are the main reasons that so many companies have opted for busbar trunking installation as opposed to cable for lighting, power transmission or distribution. It’s easily planned, simple and quick to install and is both flexible and safe. These are essential for ensuring the longevity of a power system. Busbar systems get you benefits like:

  • Lower costs – easy installation mean less labour for less time
  • Low disruption, many places remain operational whilst busbar is being fitted.
  • Busbar is 50% quicker to install
  • Low space requirements
  • Easily adaptable to changing business needs

Busbar for high power distribution

Traditionally the supply from the transformer or incoming supply point to other distribution points around the building has been provided using large SWA cables, and these are then installed on a support system of cable ladder or tray. This can be both expensive and time consuming to install.

Unlike cable, the installation of our K series busbar is a one step process as once the busbar is mounted you have both your cable management system and conductors in place. It is also much easier to install a length of busbar in place of extremely heavy drums of cable.

Our K series busbar system is available in 1000A to 5000A ratings and is usually supplied without tap-off points. These can be fitted for the client if required, the busbar is also available in custom made lengths to suit your exact needs.

For high power distribution in external applications the challenges are different, however busbar can still provide a simple solution. Isolbarra is available with IP68 protection and from 630A to 6300A.

Busbar for machines and production lines

When a new power installation is required it can be incredibly disruptive to factories and other manufacturing outlets. Having a machine that is out of action for a long period of time can affect a whole production line which is why any time saving capability is absolutely critical for many businesses.

Our GDA and GDR busbar systems are available from 63A-2500A and are available with or without tap off points. Tap off boxes are available up to 1000A.

Future changes to the where machinery is kept in a factory can be just as disruptive, so if you can give a business owner an option which means this would result in simply unplugging a tap off and plugging it in somewhere else – which option do you think they will chose?

This product range is also used extensively in rising main installations serving apartment blocks and office premises.  We can assist in the design process, prepare schematic site drawings, and move from enquiry to delivery much quicker than most manufacturers due to the flexibility within the power busbar manufacturing facility.

Why use busbar for lighting installations?

Installing new lighting in commercial, retail, and industrial premises can be very time consuming. This is because it is usually a three stage process.

  • Installation of fixing and containment system such as trunking or tray
  • Installation of cables including emergency circuits etc.
  • Installation and connection of light fittings

With GLS busbar this time is dramatically reduced – by up to 50%. This is because stage one and two are completed together.

  • Installation of fixing and busbar trunking with integral conductors.
  • Connect flex to light fitting and plug it in.

Once the installations are complete the advantages of busbar continue, as most businesses inevitably require alterations and changes as needs change.

With a traditional installation the relocation of lighting can be complicated and time consuming, even for one light as it needs to be disconnected by an electrician, new cables installed, and then reconnected in the new location

With busbar you simply unplug the light in one place and plug it in at the new location.

Lighting busbar is available in 25A, 40A and 63A with 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole options. This enables the installer to use one product for mains and emergency lights including options such as Dali controls.

Lighting tap off units are available fused and unfused, prewired, and are all phase/conductor selectable – so the installer can choose what they use each conductor for.  It is also simple to add extra pins to each plug at a later point in the install if required – making changes to lighting layouts no issue.

Why Graziadio?

We’re a part of the biggest busbar giants internationally. Busbar trunking is proven worldwide, as is Graziadio as a brand. We uphold these values and are happy to come out to you and explain the many benefits of our systems, as well as answering any questions you may have.