K-Series 3200A – Northampton

In September 2022 we were contacted regarding a project where we had already supplied nearly 4000m of 25A 4P Lighting Busbar. There was now a requirement for a 3200A busbar to run from the main panel to a sub panel in the refrigerated area of the warehouse. An initial site visit was carried out by the UK sales team, before arranging for an engineer from Italy to visit in early November as we got closer to securing the order. The order was won mid November, and the challenge was on to supply the project in full as quickly as possible

As soon as the order was secured, work began to produce the panel headers and ship to the panel builders, in order for all the connections to be made, prior to the busbar arrival. These were shipped in just 3 weeks from order.
Following a site visit, a pre-production schematic was produced for the installers approval, as soon as the green light was given, work was underway to get the busbar produced
In just 4 weeks from order, 60% of the project was 1 week prior to Christmas shutdown
As soon as the busbar was delivered, the installers wasted no time in getting to work and the installation was on!
The remainder of the busbar was shipped 10 days after the factory re-opened in the New year
After a 90° degree turn at the far end of the building, the busbar went in to a double elbow, to ensure it remained in the correct orientation and phase sequence
All in all, the project was supplied complete in approximately 8 weeks from order, this included a 2 week factory shutdown over Christmas. The project was delivered on time and all parties worked brilliantly together to ensure a fantastic installation was provided.