400 Metres of lighting in one day – UK

A large logistics business in Milton Keynes needed a lighting installation completing, but the area was only going to be available to the installer for a very limited time. This caused the installer some issues as using traditional wiring methods such as cable and trunking would not only be too time consuming but also very costly.

Our 25A 4 pole GLS lighting busbar provided the installer with a perfect solution for this project, as it is 50% faster to install than traditional wiring methods and very competitive in price.

With the materials on site to schedule the installer instructed his team on the very simple method of assembly, so with cherry pickers in place they began to prepare the lights with our fused tap off plugs and also install the busbar at high level. As the day progressed it became clear just how quick this product was to install, and by the end of the day they had completed the installation of 400 metres in just one day.

The installer found the product helped him win the job, was easy to fit and also very cost effective. The GLS lighting busbar is ideal for warehouses or industrial buildings like in this particular project.

The installation was completed rapidly, on schedule and with minimal disruption and because of this the end client was delighted as the deadlines had been met and the area was operational again.