GLS Lighting Busbar – Leicestershire – UK

Our customer had a planned lighting installation in a factory and faced the same challenges as many electrical contractors – do any of these sound familiar?

  • Factory must remain fully operational throughout the installation.
  • Limited window of opportunity to get the job done.
  • Must come in below budget.
  • Needs to be a flexible system allowing for future changes as and when business requirements change.

In these circumstances, whilst a lot of people would persevere with the traditional methods of cable and trunking, our installer felt a fresh approach was needed to meet his customer’s needs.

So he contacted Graziadio UK and with just 6 different products to discuss we were able to provide a neat, clean and flexible answer to his quandary that was fast to install and low cost.

Just 5 components to complete an order makes it an easy product to understand and visualise.

At this point, everything was looking very promising with the only concern being around delivery – busbar systems take weeks for delivery…..don’t they?

Well, the answer in this case is no, as the entire order was supplied from UK stock meaning it was delivered in just 2 days!

So all that was left was the installation, using our GLS busbar system, he was able to complete Phase 1 of the installation in 50% of the time that it would have taken using traditional methods. But did the end user get everything they wanted?

  • The factory remained operational throughout the busbar installation.
  • This element of the job was completed in half of the time that the traditional methods would have taken.
  • It worked out cheaper than wiring with cable and trunking.
  • If extra light fittings needed in the future, simply plug in another tap off – no wiring needed!

The end user was so pleased with the time it took and the end result that he quickly authorised phase 2 of the installation to commence. Once again, the goods were delivered to the factory within 2 days of order.

When the contractor was questioned why he was using Graziadio GLS Lighting Busbar for this project, his answer was simple.


“It looks better, it takes half the time to install and works out cheaper than using cable and trunking, it’s a no brainer!”


The finished project shows 3 x 72m runs of GLS lighting busbar. Our customer believes this saved 50% time on installation.