GLS Lighting Busbar – Manchester – UK

Another of our loyal customers shared these images of a recent installation. The project involved a 63A header busbar to feed the smaller 25A lighting busbar runs. All goods delivered to site on time, and project was completed ahead of schedule.

40A Busbar, Hinckley

This manufacturing facility in Hinckley, Leicestershire has recently benefited from an excellent installation by one of our valued customers.

With 40A busbar supplying lighting and power, this has provided some much needed flexibility to the end user as a result.

Busbar in factory

Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Power Busbar Installed In Coventry

When a precision engineering company relocated to a brand new purpose built unit, a requirement was quickly identified for an easier, quicker and more cost effective way of supplying the power to the lighting and machinery. After various design discussions with the appointed Electrical Contractor, AJA Contracts, Graziadio UK were able to assist by supplying both GLS Lighting Busbar and GDA Power Busbar. 

File_001.jpg (4)

Firstly, Graziadio 40A 6 pole GLS Lighting Busbar was supplied to allow the fast and economical installation of LED lighting and a flexible system for any future alterations. The 6 pole solution gave the option to incorporate the main lighting, emergency lighting, and Dali controls within a single busbar system and was therefore a very cost effective solution overall.

This part of the project was supplied in it’s entirety from UK stock and arrived on site the day after the initial order was placed.

Busbar and Hanger

A final layout using Graziadio 400A GDA power busbar was approved.  Due to the layout a number of bespoke lengths were required together with tee units and bends. Once the design was agreed and the order placed, Graziadio were able to manufacture the goods and have them ready for shipping just 14 working days from the date of order.

Not only that, enforced changes on site meant some last minute amendments needed to be made to the power busbar order. The day before it was due to leave our factory in Italy we were advised that an additional custom made length and flat bend would be required, and the end feed unit also needed to be changed for a different type.

The flexibility of the Graziadio factory in Italy was put to the test, and they were able to manufacture the custom length that afternoon, and add all the extra items to the original order which meant that it still left the factory on time the following day.

400 GDA Installed


Once on site, each part of the project only took a few days to install, and the project was completed on schedule.

completed busbar installation

GLS Lighting Busbar – Leicestershire – UK

Our customer had a planned lighting installation in a factory and faced the same challenges as many electrical contractors – do any of these sound familiar?

  • Factory must remain fully operational throughout the installation.
  • Limited window of opportunity to get the job done.
  • Must come in below budget.
  • Needs to be a flexible system allowing for future changes as and when business requirements change.

In these circumstances, whilst a lot of people would persevere with the traditional methods of cable and trunking, our installer felt a fresh approach was needed to meet his customer’s needs.

So he contacted Graziadio UK and with just 6 different products to discuss we were able to provide a neat, clean and flexible answer to his quandary that was fast to install and low cost.

Just 5 components to complete an order makes it an easy product to understand and visualise.

At this point, everything was looking very promising with the only concern being around delivery – busbar systems take weeks for delivery…..don’t they?

Well, the answer in this case is no, as the entire order was supplied from UK stock meaning it was delivered in just 2 days!

So all that was left was the installation, using our GLS busbar system, he was able to complete Phase 1 of the installation in 50% of the time that it would have taken using traditional methods. But did the end user get everything they wanted?

  • The factory remained operational throughout the busbar installation.
  • This element of the job was completed in half of the time that the traditional methods would have taken.
  • It worked out cheaper than wiring with cable and trunking.
  • If extra light fittings needed in the future, simply plug in another tap off – no wiring needed!

The end user was so pleased with the time it took and the end result that he quickly authorised phase 2 of the installation to commence. Once again, the goods were delivered to the factory within 2 days of order.

When the contractor was questioned why he was using Graziadio GLS Lighting Busbar for this project, his answer was simple.


“It looks better, it takes half the time to install and works out cheaper than using cable and trunking, it’s a no brainer!”


The finished project shows 3 x 72m runs of GLS lighting busbar. Our customer believes this saved 50% time on installation.

Solution with lighting busbar

400 Metres of lighting in one day – UK

A large logistics business in Milton Keynes needed a lighting installation completing, but the area was only going to be available to the installer for a very limited time. This caused the installer some issues as using traditional wiring methods such as cable and trunking would not only be too time consuming but also very costly.

Our 25A 4 pole GLS lighting busbar provided the installer with a perfect solution for this project, as it is 50% faster to install than traditional wiring methods and very competitive in price.

With the materials on site to schedule the installer instructed his team on the very simple method of assembly, so with cherry pickers in place they began to prepare the lights with our fused tap off plugs and also install the busbar at high level. As the day progressed it became clear just how quick this product was to install, and by the end of the day they had completed the installation of 400 metres in just one day.

The installer found the product helped him win the job, was easy to fit and also very cost effective. The GLS lighting busbar is ideal for warehouses or industrial buildings like in this particular project.

The installation was completed rapidly, on schedule and with minimal disruption and because of this the end client was delighted as the deadlines had been met and the area was operational again.

250A GDA Power and 25A GLS Lighting Busbar

A section where a dog leg was needed around the roller shutter doors, 2 options were presented to the installer with either a solid busbar run around the opening, or alternatively 2 x end feeds with SWA cable running between them allowing greater flexibility than the made to measure option

We also supplied the lighting busbar for this installation with some short runs required, but this would cut out approximately 50% of the installation time on this part of the project.