PE (Earthing) Why is it important?


Our products offer A HIGH EARTHING SYSTEM: it is significant in terms of safety and reliability of operation of electrical systems.

➡ By providing a low resistance earth path, a high PE system can protect sensitive electronic equipment from potential damage caused by electrical faults or power surges. Vital in industries where equipment is critical to operations, in addition to the expense of the equipment

➡ All of our busbars have enhanced protection due to the external casing being produced with aluminium. This metal has a low resistance to electricity and consquently any fault current is discharged through it and then in to the ground

➡ In addition, the earthing system helps to stabilise voltage levels throughout the busbar system, providing a reference point (zero volts) for the system itself which is useful for maintaining the proper functionality of electrical devices.

DALI Lighting Busbar

DALI Lighting Busbar

DALI is the acronym for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It is a standardised protocol for lighting control in buildings.

DALI enables communication between lighting control devices such as sensors, switches and and luminaires providing flexibility and energy efficiency.

WIth Graziadio UK Ltd GLS Lighting Busbar, The DALI signal can be transported using two of the conductors normally used for electrical power. This is possible on a 4P busbar system as illustrated below, or on a 6P system if also requiring additional phases such as emergency lighting.

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Footasylum Middleton

Installation of Graziadio 25A 4 Pole Lighting Busbar at a warehouse near Manchester. Working alongside Ansell Lighting and CP Electronics. Fantastic project to be involved in.

North London Distribution Facility

A caption from a recent fit out project completed for the end user in North London.Suspended Graziadio busbar trunking and tray. Works completed on time and in budget