GDA busbar at Fanuc Robotics

GDA Power distribution for a Robotics Factory, UK

Simple installation for production benefit

GDA Power busbar provides a clean and simple installation, with tap offs to the various machines in factory.  Taps can be added easily as production increase. Busbar is so useful to industrial settings like factories because of how easily and quickly it can be installed – causing little disruption to manufacturing and productivity. Time is money!

  Picture Credit: Fanuc Robotics

1600 A ISOLSBARRA on the roof of Fiat Cassino Plant

Isolsbarra 1600 A busbar (IP68) FIAT Cassino, Italy.

Power Busbar Installed For FIAT

IP68 busbar 1600 A Isolsbarra type installed on the roof of FIAT Cassino (South of Italy).
There are 2 lines in parallel with aluminium conductors to feed panels at significant height.
With a rating of IP68, the lines are watertight ensuring no interruption to power supply and meaning that this product can be used despite potentially turbulent weather conditions

Sandwich busbar

K Series sandwich busbar, Finland.

Unique busbar project done to specification

A challenging project due to size restraints, however this was overcome by using Graziadio mono block joint..
Compact design and easy installation meant that this obstacle was overcome, without compromise on appearance.