Open Factories 2024

OPEN FACTORIES 2024: a look behind the scenes!

Yesterday’s persistent rain did not stop our visitors, who on the occasion of #OpenFactories 2024 came through the doors of Graziadio to come and meet us and our production, giving a face to who and what is behind our work.

Under the guidance of our Quality Manager Denis Saggiorato, we have retraced the history of our company, how it all began, the goals achieved, the characteristics and curiosities of our busbars.

They got to know the “aquatic” capabilities of ISOLSBARRA, the heat resistance of K SERIES, the practicality of GLS and GDA; They had the opportunity to discover where and how the ducts are made, from the work carried out entirely by hand with meticulousness to that with machines, observing and interacting with our workers on the spot.

We thank so much the people who came to visit us, and we hope to see you again at the next event! ⚡

PE (Earthing) Why is it important?


Our products offer A HIGH EARTHING SYSTEM: it is significant in terms of safety and reliability of operation of electrical systems.

➡ By providing a low resistance earth path, a high PE system can protect sensitive electronic equipment from potential damage caused by electrical faults or power surges. Vital in industries where equipment is critical to operations, in addition to the expense of the equipment

➡ All of our busbars have enhanced protection due to the external casing being produced with aluminium. This metal has a low resistance to electricity and consquently any fault current is discharged through it and then in to the ground

➡ In addition, the earthing system helps to stabilise voltage levels throughout the busbar system, providing a reference point (zero volts) for the system itself which is useful for maintaining the proper functionality of electrical devices.

DALI Lighting Busbar

DALI Lighting Busbar

DALI is the acronym for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It is a standardised protocol for lighting control in buildings.

DALI enables communication between lighting control devices such as sensors, switches and and luminaires providing flexibility and energy efficiency.

WIth Graziadio UK Ltd GLS Lighting Busbar, The DALI signal can be transported using two of the conductors normally used for electrical power. This is possible on a 4P busbar system as illustrated below, or on a 6P system if also requiring additional phases such as emergency lighting.

For more information on how we can help with your next project, please get in touch

Tech Talk 2024 – London

tech talk

Talking about a great company, but in just 10 minutes?

There is so much to say about what we can offer…. but we’ll try!

We were proud to attend the Tech Talk event in London, which took place on 22 January 2024, where we were present with our partners from Italy.

These were meetings with some leading names from within the sector, learning about what is valued most by them so we can adapt our offering to suit. It was a delight to be able
to meet everyone face to face and show them first-hand our products, whilst also sharing ideas and projects, building connections and finding new opportunities!

Thanks to all who stopped by our stand to have a chat!

Blindocad Software



Blindocad is the modern software for  Graziadio & C. busbar planning from 25 to 6300 A, fully integrated  in Autocad, Ares, BricsCAD v10, ZWCAD, progeCAD, GStarCAD, BitCAD

The application gives the total technical execution of busducts in 2D and in 3D version, or the review of a previously created project. Through the layout of the electrical system, the application permits the complete elaboration of every single component and the following assembly with all the accessories. The result is a precise execution of the project by the addition of every single element: the straight elements, the elbows, the end feed units, the tap off boxes.

 New features added in Blindocad 2022: 

    • K-SERIES:
    • Type “P” header: new editable parameters 
    • Type “TT” header: more detailed 3d models 
    • Double horizontal – vertical elbow: minimum dimensions update 
    • Expansion element 
    • Plug-in points on straight length distribution elements 
    • Terminal headers with built-in elbows 
    • Elbows <>90° 
    • T elbows 
    • End feed unit 
    • Universal hangers for vertical lines 
    • Kits of rigid bars for terminal headers with editable dimensions 
    • New rating: 800 A 
    • 3P+PE Execution 
    • Copper execution 
    • GDA:
    • Switchboard feed unit: dimensional update of 2000-2500 A 
    • End feed unit: dimensional update 
    • Hangers update 
    • Reduction units 
    • Terminal header with phase carrier (TFI): more detailed 3d models 
    • Terminal headers type P: more detailed 3d models 
    • Terminal headers with phase rotation (RFI) and elbow 
    • 2P+PE Execution 
    • J-SERIES:
    • New library 
    • General improvements:
    • Length of each element in bill of materials 
    • Editable transformer 
    • Minor bug fixes 
Power Busbar at commercial office

Commercial Office Buildings – Christchurch, New Zealand

With the backing of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in Christchurch, two new commercial office buildings will be part completed in February 2017.

However, with 80% of the office space already being rented, it is obvious that our easier, quicker and cheaper GDA Power Busbar will be serving a building in high demand.



Power busbar one of Africa's tallest buildings

Tour Postel Building, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

£17 million renovation includes use of power busbar

As part of a £17 million renovation, this famous building in Abidjan utilised both 630 A and 800 A GDA Power Busbar as a means of easier, quicker and cheaper installation.

The building is 26 storeys, over 100 metres tall and ranked 69 in the list of ‘Tallest buildings in Africa’