Blindocad Software



Blindocad is the modern software for  Graziadio & C. busbar planning from 25 to 6300 A, fully integrated  in Autocad, Ares, BricsCAD v10, ZWCAD, progeCAD, GStarCAD, BitCAD

The application gives the total technical execution of busducts in 2D and in 3D version, or the review of a previously created project. Through the layout of the electrical system, the application permits the complete elaboration of every single component and the following assembly with all the accessories. The result is a precise execution of the project by the addition of every single element: the straight elements, the elbows, the end feed units, the tap off boxes.

 New features added in Blindocad 2022: 

    • K-SERIES:
    • Type “P” header: new editable parameters 
    • Type “TT” header: more detailed 3d models 
    • Double horizontal – vertical elbow: minimum dimensions update 
    • Expansion element 
    • Plug-in points on straight length distribution elements 
    • Terminal headers with built-in elbows 
    • Elbows <>90° 
    • T elbows 
    • End feed unit 
    • Universal hangers for vertical lines 
    • Kits of rigid bars for terminal headers with editable dimensions 
    • New rating: 800 A 
    • 3P+PE Execution 
    • Copper execution 
    • GDA:
    • Switchboard feed unit: dimensional update of 2000-2500 A 
    • End feed unit: dimensional update 
    • Hangers update 
    • Reduction units 
    • Terminal header with phase carrier (TFI): more detailed 3d models 
    • Terminal headers type P: more detailed 3d models 
    • Terminal headers with phase rotation (RFI) and elbow 
    • 2P+PE Execution 
    • J-SERIES:
    • New library 
    • General improvements:
    • Length of each element in bill of materials 
    • Editable transformer 
    • Minor bug fixes 
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